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Baschet Soundsculpture Concert at Kyoto Art Center 2015

Sachiko Nagata and Martí Ruids play on 4 fully restored Baschet Soundsculptures original from Osaka Expo'70:
.Kawakamiphone (Rod percussion)
.Sekinephone (Baschet Cristal)
.Watanabephone (Plain rod: Percussion / Bowed)
.Katsuraphone (Strings / Plain rods / Plates)

These two last Soundsculptures were restored in a fabulous collaboration amongst Kyoto Art Center -Artist in Residence Program-, Kyoto City University of Arts, and the Baschet Soundsculpture Workshop from Barcelona University.

Nagata, Ruids -and Chie Kitamura singing as a special guest- play on a improvised flow upon a compositional strategy by Ruids, to squeeze out the most unique features of the 4 Baschet Masterpieces in just 20 minutes. It is a pleasure for Ruids to count on the sensitive and professional complicity and skills of KitamuraSan and NagataSan.

Ruids uses also an original Baschet inflatable Guitar and
.GarasuNoHana (après-Baschet portable Cristal)
.Kouri No Sen (après-Baschet directional tuning forks)
both new structures protected under Creative Commons licences as publisehd in

This concert is part of a wider activity program, including the restoration, building of new soundsculptures, building and sounding workshops with KCUA students and children, other concerts -such as KCUA concerts, and the revival of Takemitsu's "Seasons" composition for Percussions and Baschet Soundsculptures-, lectures and participative exhibition at KAC.

Many friendly, hard-working and open-hearted people made this project possible and succesfull.

Thanks to all!