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Cristal Baschet at Zelezny Brod

We are happy to announce to have uploaded a video from our premiere of two Cristal Baschet which happened at festival Glass City in Zelezny Brod, CR (20th of September 2014).

The concert was a unique chance to hear two of these unique instruments on stage – one played by Catalan musician and close collaborator of Baschet brothers – Martí Ruids, and the second one played by Lenka Morávková/KnofLenka. This instrument is also the first Cristal Baschet instrument constructed in the Czech Republic. We improvized some sounds inpired by traditional Czech music, by Takemitsu, by some previous tunes by the performers, and specially by the sound possibities of the Cristal itself and the filtering and looping it with electronics. You can find more information about Cristal Baschet here, and photos here: